Resistance Welding Machine Manufacturers in Chennai

Resistance Welding Machine Manufacturers in Chennai– Flextech Automation is a Best high-tech Resistance Welding Machine Solutions for different industries.

Resistance Welding Machine Manufacturers in Chennai – Our Resistance Welding Machine is manufactured by our team of professionals who make use of their rich experience, precision engineered parts and superior grade materials in order to ensure that unrivaled quality is achieved. Tested along various performance parameters, the machine delivers stable performance while consuming minimal power and offers users with unmatched operational efficiency. Today, the machine is in use by a number of leading organizations and is known for its long service life and ease of maintenance.

Resistance Welding Machine Manufacturers in Chennai

Empowering Industries with Robust Welding Solutions in Chennai

Flextech Automation is based in Chennai and is a reputed business entity with an expertise in manufacturing a wide variety of Inverter Based Welding Machine, ARC Welding Machine, TIG Welding Machines and others. We feel extremely proud to be known as the most reckoned manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers.

We have rich industrial experience and robust manufacturing facility that enable us to engineer our range of welding machines with precision, further; it also enables us to manufacture these machines as per the specifications detailed by our clients.

Our company has been successful in providing complete customer satisfaction to our valued clients with the support of our expertise, in-depth understanding of market and superior quality standards.

Salient Features of Resistance Welding Machine

Transformer : Low Leakage (High Linkage) Design, Proper Cooling And Insulation Including Winding Varnishing By Vacuum Pressurized Impregnating System To Enhance Reliability And Service Life.

Current Control: Current Setting From Min, To Max, Can Done By 6 Position, Off Load Tap Changing Switch.

Time Control: Solid State Electronic Timer To Control Weld Time From 5 To 50 Cycles And 1 To 10 Seconds To Achieve Accurate And Repeatable Spots.

Electrodes: One Pair Of 2 Straight Electrodes Made From Hardened Copper-Alloy Is Supplied With The Equipment. Other Types Of Spare Electrodes Can Be Supplied On Specific Orders.

Cooling:  Electrodes And Arms Are Provided With Water Cooling Arrangement With Hose Connections. Main Transformer Natural Air Cooled.

Shaping the Future of Resistance Welding Machine

There is an essential procedure of welding machine however can minutely vary according to need and machine related with it. All in all, there can be four types of welding methods which are usually utilized and these can be:

Resistance Welding: This method requires an extra sheet of material to be utilized as a spread for the pieces that are to be welded. With this additional spread and extra strength can be added to the combination.

Laser Welding: It is the modern innovation of welding accessible today. It is done with the utilization of high intensity lasers. Utilizing lasers, it is anything but difficult to concentrate on material. It can help produce controllable amount of heat that is required on the surfaces for proper welding. It can help weld all around rapidly and precisely.

Flextech Automation – Excellence in Resistance Welding Manufacturing

Welding is a must of day and it is generally utilized over all sectors. It very well may be defined as a creation or fabrication procedure that is carefully to joins 2 materials, these are generally metals. This procedure is a significant development strategy which may include melting the part of the materials so it can undoubtedly be united with one another.

Often to give it a correct quality some extra molten might be added into the joining material. When the mix of the three, the molten material and the two metal cools, it results in formation of solid metal piece altogether.

The liquid or molten material regularly goes about as a bond for joining these 2 materials. When you feel a requirement of welding machine and wish to get one, you may get it from Welding Machine and Welding Electrode Suppliers in Chennai.

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