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Janome Servo Press Dealers, Suppliers

Top Supplier Of Janome Servo Press

Janome servo presses allow for customizable programming, enabling manufacturers to tailor the press operation to specific requirements. This flexibility is valuable for meeting the diverse needs of different production processes. With precise control over force and movement, Janome servo presses contribute to improved quality control by ensuring consistent and accurate manufacturing processes, resulting in high-quality finished products.

It’s important to note that the specific benefits may vary depending on the model and application of the Janome servo press used. Manufacturers should carefully assess their specific requirements to determine the most suitable press for their operations.

Uses Of Janome Servo Press Units

Our Janome Servo Press units are gradually replacing conventional presses because they combine high machining accuracy with short machining times and can handle difficult materials.

Especially in the automotive industry, weight reduction is being promoted for body parts such as doors and hoods, using alloys such as aluminum and titanium, and carbon fiber reinforced plastics. All of these materials are difficult to process with conventional presses, and press units can process them with high quality and efficiency.

Principle Of Janome Servo Press Units

Janome Servo Press units are able to make precise settings during pressurization because they utilize servo motors.

A servo motor is a motor system that constantly monitors its own state (number of revolutions, torque, etc.) and can apply feedback to achieve a set value. This allows the press to be set to variable speeds and precise positioning at will.

Conventional presses only operate at a constant speed, which can be time consuming when processing materials that need to be pressurized slowly. However, servo motors can be set to slow down only when the press contacts the material and applies pressure, and then quickly return to the original position once the press has reached the lowest point. In this way, the press can significantly shorten the work time while maintaining processing accuracy.

Also, since press units are computer numerically controlled presses, they can be easily linked to external equipment and programmed to perform even more complex operations.


Precision and Accuracy:

Janome servo presses offer high precision and accuracy in controlling the movement and force applied during the pressing process. This level of control is essential for applications requiring tight tolerances and consistency in product quality.


These servo presses are versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications, including but not limited to, metal forming, stamping, assembly, and more. They can be adapted for various manufacturing processes.

Energy Efficiency:

Servo motors are known for their energy efficiency. Janome servo presses optimize energy consumption by delivering power only when needed, reducing overall energy costs compared to traditional press systems.

Reduced Maintenance:

Servo presses generally have fewer mechanical components compared to traditional hydraulic or pneumatic presses. This can result in lower maintenance requirements, as there are fewer parts that can wear out or need regular servicing.

Quick Setup and Changeover:

The precise control offered by Janome servo presses allows for quick and easy setup and changeover between different production runs. This is particularly beneficial in manufacturing environments where flexibility and efficiency are crucial.

Best of Janome Servo press Dealers in Chennai

The precise control and programmability of servo presses contribute to improved safety in the workplace. Operators can set up and monitor processes from a safe distance, and the press can be programmed to stop or reverse in case of anomalies, enhancing overall operator safety. Compared to traditional press systems, servo presses often generate less noise during operation. This can contribute to a quieter and more comfortable working environment.

The combination of precision, quick changeover and reduced downtime for maintenance can contribute to higher overall productivity in manufacturing processes.

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